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Skin Care Facials


Hands on Vitamin Therapy Facial (R360.00)

This is the introductory facial to all new clients. All the good properties of environ products are shown offwith this treatment.

This facial includes pre-cleanse, cleansing, micro exfoliation, gentle facial massage, clay masque and moisturize.Suitable for all skin types.

Add on: Recommended microdermabrasion.


Deep Cleanse Vitamin Therapy Facial (60 minutes)

This facial specifically focuses onunblocking and purifying the skin.The skin is left with less acne and congestion. After this facial your skin will feel rehydrated and radiant.

Includes pre-cleanse, cleansing, micro exfoliation, gentle facial massage, steam, light extractions, clay masque or, alginate masque.

Add on: Recommended microdermabrasion.


Precision Vitamin Therapy(30-60 minutes)
(R245.00 – R370.00)

This facial is perfect for targeting problematic areas. This treatment is specifically designed for a client that is in a hurry and always on the run. The client achieves the best the results in the shortest time available.

Includes pre-cleansing, cleansing, micro exfoliation, active serum, Ionzyme DF machine (sonophorises orcombined), alginate masque, moisturize.


Enhancing Vitamin Therapy(60 minutes)

An intensive facial that targets key areas of concern in the face or neck. We make sure that the client’s main concerns are directly addressed. This facial includes a penetrant enhancing mask that makes it unique.

Includes pre-cleansing, cleansing, micro exfoliation, active serum, Ionzyme DF Machine (Sonophoresis or combined with Iontophoresis), active serum, alginate mask with field Iontophorises, moisturizer.

Add on: Recommended microdermabrasion.


Ultimate Vitamin Therapy(90 minutes)

A wide range of skin care problems can be effectively treated by this luxurious treatment that provides focussed penetration of active ingredients for visible results.

Includes pre-cleansing, cleansing, micro exfoliation, active serum, Ionzyme DF Machine (Sonophoresis &Iontophorsis), active serum and field Iontophoresis, alginate masque, massage and moisturize.

Add on: Recommended microdermabrasion.


Purifying Vitamin Therapy(90minutes)

This treatment has the goal of improving the appearance of uneven skin texture and problematic skin conditions. The skin will feel revived and rejuvenatedusing scientifically advanced products which purify, exfoliate, and rehydrate the skin.

Includes: pre-cleansing, cleansing, micro exfoliates, 2 layers of lac-pamgel (chemical peel), field Iontophoresis (15 min).

Add on: Recommended microdermabrasion

laser elite Treatments

Cool Peel Facial Treatments


ACM Peel Therapy(60minutes)

This peel has a white cream base which contains a low concentration of acid, but because the product is left on the skin for longer, the same effect is achieved as a high concentration of acid. The cool peels help to remove dead skin cells and speed up the natural desquamation (peeling) process.


TCA peel Therapy(90minutes)

The TCA–PAMGEL peels are a thick low concentration of acid gel. The concentration of acid is even lower than the cram peels, because more acid is available to the skin in a gel compared to a cream. The TCA peel even out your skin roughness and help to remove any pastels and papules, clear up the first layer of the skin (stratum corneum) to stimulate the collagen and elastinto produce new cells.

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