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Tattoo Removal

About Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal is achieved using a laser which breaks down the ink particles underneath the skin. This treatment may require a few sessions to be successful. Your body contains of white blood cells that help to protect and fight against infection and foreign invaders. That is why your tattoo fades over time, as the white blood cells nibble away the smaller ink particles and result into removing of a tattoo.

How does the Pico Second Laser machine work?

At Laser Elite we use the best technology to make sure you receive the best results. The leading tattoo removal laser, Pico Second ND Yag 1064nm and 532nm and treat all colours and different kind of tattoo ink. Tattoo removal can have side effect such as redness, mild bruising and blisters, most of which are only temporary. Laser treatment is the best option to permanently remove tattoos

Pricing - Price per Centimeter removed
0-5 cm R550 -R850
6-10 cm R850 – R1200
11-20 cm R1200 – R2300

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