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Welcome to Laser Elite, your premier laser clinic in Gauteng, established in 2008 from humble beginnings. Over the years, we have grown to become a leader in the field of minimally invasive aesthetic treatments. Our mission is to make these treatments accessible to everyone seeking to enhance their appearance without the need for surgery.

Advancements in technology have revolutionised cosmetic procedures, offering non-invasive solutions that are affordable, painless, and require minimal recovery time. This makes it easier than ever to achieve the look you desire and boost your self-confidence.

At Laser Elite, we specialise in permanent solutions for unwanted hair, fat, and wrinkles. Our team consists of professionally trained and friendly therapists dedicated to providing the highest quality service. We use only the best products and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure your comfort and satisfaction.

Licensed and fully equipped, we guarantee exceptional results in a luxurious setting. Enjoy a free consultation with our experts in our opulent treatment rooms. Experience the Laser Elite difference today!

Meet Our



Anelé Barnard

Aesthetic Somatology Therapist / Manager


Anelé studied somatology at Centurion Academy and have obtained several international diplomas:

ITEC-International Diploma in Beauty Therapy: This certification indicates a high level of competence in beauty therapy techniques and practices, recognised internationally.

CIDESCO-International Diploma in Somatology: CIDESCO is a prestigious organisation in the field of beauty and spa therapy, and obtaining this diploma signifies advanced knowledge and skills in somatology.

City and Guilds Diploma in Aesthetics Therapy and Management: This diploma likely focuses on both practical aesthetics therapy skills as well as management principles relevant to running a beauty business.


With 8 years in the beauty industry, Anelé gained valuable hands-on experience working with various clients and developing her
expertise in somatology and aesthetics therapy.

Professional Attributes:

Anelé determination, focus, and passion for the beauty industry are admirable qualities that likely contribute to her success as a therapist and manager. These qualities can translate into
providing excellent client care and maintaining high standards at Laser Elite.

Overall, Anelé is well-qualified and dedicated to providing exceptional service to her clients.


Inge Van Der Lith

Aesthetic Somatology Therapist

Passionate and Loyal:

Inge’s passion for her work and her loyalty to her clients likely contribute to her effectiveness as a therapist. This dedication suggests that she is committed to providing high-quality care and building strong relationships with her clients.


Inge has studied both ITEC-International Diploma and Somatology at
Centurion Academy. This combination of qualifications indicates a solid
foundation in both general beauty therapy techniques (through the ITEC diploma)
and specialised knowledge in somatology, which focuses on the study of the body
and its systems in relation to beauty and wellness.


Inge’s commitment to her profession is evident through her pursuit
of education and training. By studying at reputable institutions like Centurion
Academy and obtaining an international diploma through ITEC, she demonstrates a
commitment to maintaining high standards in her practice.

Overall, Inge is a skilled and dedicated aesthetic somatology therapist who prioritises the well-being and satisfaction of her clients. Her passion for her work contributes to creating a positive and rewarding experience for those she serves.


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