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The Deoxycholic Slimming Injections also known as Mesotherapy is non-invasive and used to treat the appearance of moderate to severe submental fat and cellulite. The Injections work by breaking down cells in fatty tissue.

Deoxycholic injections are done in a 10cm radius and amount of injections are dependent on volume of area being treated.

This clinically proven sculpting product improves circulation and targets fat on targeted areas of your body. The treatment is performed by our professionally trained Laser Elite therapists and involves a virtually pain-free procedure of a non-medical product.

The active ingredient which is Deoxycholic Acid has the ability to “dissolve” fat and prevents the body from storing any unwanted fat. In the long term it increases the fat burning ability of the body, giving great results after every session.    

 Deoxycholic10% MCCM is a water-based solution of a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid that is a natural substance in our body.

Indications and benefits of Deoxycholic 10%:

However, the procedure is permanent only if you want to follow a healthy diet and exercise.

If you regain weight, it is likely that pockets of fat will reappear.

Application of Deoxycholic acid 10%:

DEOXYCHOLIC 10% consists of injecting it into adipose tissue using multi-function and micro-papular injection techniques.